Frequently Asked Questions

The 2024-25 tryout dates are posted under the Tryouts Schedule tab. You can also follow our Club’s Social Media Pages for all announcements regarding tryout dates and schedules on our Facebook page and our Instagram page.

Weather can play a big part in our tryouts. If tryouts are canceled or delayed, our website and social media sites will be updated.

Additional questions can be sent to our Club Director at Art Turpel,

1. When are tryouts held?

The official dates and times for this year’s tryouts for all age groups can be found on our Tryouts Schedule page.

The 2024-25 Tryouts for the Boys will be held during the weeks of May 6-10 and May 13-17 at the Spanish River Athletic Facility, 1000 NW Spanish River Blvd, Boca Raton, FL, 33431. All dates are subject to change.

The 2024-25 Tryouts for the Girls will be held during the weeks of May 1-3 (GU13-GU19 only) and May 6-10 and May 13-17 at the Spanish River Athletic Facility, 1000 NW Spanish River Blvd, Boca Raton, FL, 33431. All dates are subject to change.

2. Do I need to register for tryouts?

Yes. Registration must be completed online via the Team Boca website prior to any player attending tryouts. There is a one-time non-refundable $25 registration fee that must be paid prior to tryouts and to complete the online registration process. The full player registration fee will not be collected until a player is selected to a team. If you do not have access to a mobile device or computer to register, please contact our registrar at

 3. How does a player make the team?

All players that attend tryouts will be evaluated by the coaching staff during the tryout sessions. The coaching staff will select and assign players to a team based on their evaluations. Tryouts are for all players. No player is guaranteed a roster spot on any team prior to tryouts.

4. What is the annual registration fee if my child is selected to a team?

Due to the generosity of our corporate sponsors, Team Boca always attempts to remain one of the best priced premier level travel programs. The annual player registration fee is listed below. Team Boca offers the option to pay the annual player registration fee in full or though a payment plan. The player registration fee is not paid during the online Tryout Registration process. A credit card is required to register.

Note: There is an additional one-time charge of $65 for an Annual Non-City of Boca Raton Resident fee that is charged to all players who live outside the City of Boca Raton Beach & Parks District. This fee will be added to your registration fee.

2024-25 Player Registration Fee (fee includes a full kit and training top)

  • U08 thru U10 = $1,050
  • U11 thru U12 = $1,300
  • U13 thru U19 = $1,750

5. Does Team Boca offer scholarships to help offset the cost of registration?

Yes. Scholarships are available on a limited basis to help offset the cost of Team Boca registration fees. Scholarship awards will be based on financial need. During the online registration process you will have the option to apply for a scholarship. Once Tryouts are completed, a selected player who elected to apply for a scholarship will receive an application emailed to them with complete instructions on how to apply. You must still complete all payment information during the registration even if you apply for scholarship. Notification of all scholarship awards are done prior to any scheduled registration payments. If you have any specific questions regarding Team Boca scholarships please contact our Club Director at Art Turpel,

6. If a player attends tryouts but decides not to be considered for a roster spot, can they still cancel their registration?

Yes, at any time prior to and up to the conclusion of the “tryout period”, a parent may request their child be removed for consideration in the “selection process” for a roster spot on any SABR Team Boca team. An email notification must be sent to the SABR Team Boca Club Director, Art Turpel ( before the “selection deadline” (11:59pm, May 17, 2024), requesting a player’s name be removed from the “selection process.” The one-time $25 Tryout Fee remains non-refundable.

7. What do the coaches do at Tryouts?

Coaches are responsible for player evaluations and the coordination of tryouts.

8. What do the coaches look for in players?

Coaches look for players who have the potential of becoming capable, competitive players. Throughout the tryouts, coaches assess several player qualities, including but not limited to:

  • Technical abilities
  • Tactical awareness
  • Physical abilities
  • Psychological dimensions

9. What happens after the last tryout day?

At the conclusion of tryouts each coach nominates players for team/roster assignment. All coaches involved in the tryout process will meet to discuss the roster selections. Final team selections and assignments are approved by the Director of Coaching for each program and each team.

10. How do players know if they are selected to a team?

All selections and team assignments will be posted to the Team Boca website within 5 days after the last day of tryouts. Team Boca will utilize a “rolling elimination” process where a player can be cut at any time during the tryout period. The Directors of Coaching will notify the player not being selected that they will not need to continue trying out for the remaining evaluation period. Player selection for the “Academy” ages (U08-U10) will be posted as one group, per age group. Individual team assignment for “Academy” age groups will be posted to the Team Boca website no later than Labor Day Weekend.

11. What if a player does not get selected to a team roster?

The Directors of Coaching may offer a player the designation of a “training player” for a specific team at a discounted registration fee. A “training player”, is an “un-rostered” player and may be permanently assigned to a team during the season at the recommendation of the coach and approval from the Director of Coaching. “Training players” will train with the assigned team. If a player is not selected, his/her registrations fees will be automatically canceled. The $25 tryout registration fee is non-refundable.

12. Can I tryout for a specific team level (first – White, second-Navy, or third-Red) only?

Yes, but strongly discouraged. If a player is trying out for a specific team only they must notify the Director of Coaching prior to the start of the tryout period. Again, we strongly discourage this because players on the second/third teams are often moved to second or first teams soon after tryouts or during the season.

13. What happens if a player is selected?

If a player is selected, their name will be posted online to their assigned team on the Team Boca website no later than May 21. At that time, the selected player is then responsible for all registration fees.

14. Are tryouts open to all boys & girls?

Yes, there are separate tryouts for the boys and girls programs.

15. If selected, what are the practice/training commitments and travel obligations?

A minimum of two (2) team practices/trainings per week is required. A third training session is at the discretion of the coach and at the approval of the Director of Coaching. Travel requirments can be extensive and are based on the team’s league assignment and tournament selections.

16. When are practice/training nights?

Typically, training nights are Mon/Wed or Tue/Thur, either 6:00-7:30 pm, or 7:30-9:00 pm. The younger age groups are traditionally from 6:00-7:30pm. Training schedules will be announced and posted on the Team Boca website.

17. When are matches played?

Commonly, matches will be played on the weekends and can be scheduled throughout the year, on both Saturdays and Sundays, and over holiday periods. The number of matches is determined by the age group and the leagues. The Directors of Coaching will determine the league and tournament needs for each team/age group.

18. How much travel can be expected?

Travel is required to all soccer related events/activities. Typically, U08-U10 travel locally within the state for league play. Travel out of state could start as early as age U13, primarily for the first teams. Travel may also be required for League play, Tournaments, and Showcase events and are determined by the coach and approved by the Director of Coaching based on the team’s competitive level and commitment.

19. My child is currently not registered to Team Boca and wants to tryout. Does my child have to attend all tryout dates?

Players are highly encouraged to attend all tryout sessions. If you cannot be at all tryout sessions, please contact either the Boys or Girls Director of Coaching, respectively, prior to the first date of the tryout period. Missing tryouts sessions may impact a player being chosen for Team Boca.

20. What if my child cannot attend tryouts due to injury or availability, or misses tryouts?

Each year, there are players who are added to a roster who missed tryouts due to relocation, injury, etc. These players may be invited to evaluation sessions based on the roster availability. Team Boca offers evaluation sessions over the course of the season. To inquire about an evaluation session, contact the respective Director of Coaching.

21. If my child is currently registered to another club can I contact Team Boca or a specific coach before tryouts?

Team Boca expects all players to honor their current club commitments. You can email our respective Director of Coaching to express your interest in trying out for Team Boca for the 2024-25 season.

22. When will my child start training with their new team and when does their season end?

Older age group teams usually begin training in August. All other teams usually begin group skills training in the latter part of August or early September. The competitive season is different for all ages and level but usually runs through March/April, with possible tournament events going all the way until the next tryout period. State, Regional, and National championship can even run into the summer. Travel soccer is basically a 10-month commitment with potential year-round commitment for the more successful older age teams. Please check with our Directors of Coaching for a specific team’s plan.

23. How many teams are selected in each age group?

Depending on the number of players trying out, specific age groups could have one, two, or three teams per age group. The first team is the White or Elite teams, the second team is the Navy team, and the third team is the Red team. In some age groups there may be minimal differences between the levels.

24. Which team does my child tryout for?

Players are expected to tryout in their birth year age group. Age group tryout schedules are posted on our About Tryouts page. All players must tryout with their proper birth year unless an exception has been granted by our Director of Coaching prior to tryouts. Determining factors for playing up in age are detailed below.

25. Are there any additional club registration fees other than the annual player registration fees described in Question #4?

Yes. Additional fees may include but not limited to: Team entry fees for State/Regional/National competitions, league entry fees, tournament entry fees, ref fees, and all travel related fees. These are considered additional required costs and not covered by the registration fee. Each Director of Coaching in consultation with the team’s coach, will determine the team’s leagues and tournaments. Additionally, if a player voluntarily chooses “optional” personal training sessions with one of our coaches, that player will be charged for each personal training session.

26. Can a player play up an age group?

There are many factors involved in determining if a player can play an age group up. The final decision is determined by the Director of Coaching, with consultation with the coaching staff, and with consideration of what is best for the player’s development.

27. If selected, what playing time can my child expect?

Team Boca strives to provide an elite-level competitive environment with the selection of players and team assignments. With all our teams, there is no guarantee of a minimum amount of playing time during matches and playing time is exclusively the coach’s decision that is based on many factors. The club asks that parents understand this policy and respect the coach’s decisions.