Important Info For All 2022-2023 Tryout Participants

Thank you for attending our 2022-2023 Tryouts!  We had an unprecedented turnout with over 1,000 players participating. Rosters are now posted to our website and we appreciated your patience during this process!

If you have been selected to a team, your coach or team manager will contact you over the summer with your training schedule and team info. High School age players and National league teams (early season teams) should plan for team training to begin the first week in August and all other teams will begin in late August or early September. All team training including all August sessions are mandatory so nothing should be scheduled that may be a conflict! We also have our optional summer training schedule now posted on our website under the “SCHEDULES” tab.  These sessions are open to all players who are selected to a Team Boca team and there is no additional cost to attend these sessions!  Our summer training sessions are available to Team Boca players only.

Please note: If a U8 – U10 Player was selected to our  “Academy”, that means the player was selected to our younger ages (U8, U9, U10) Team Boca Academy Program. As in all previous years, individual Academy select teams are not determined until the fall when all selected Academy age players return and we have additional training weeks to further evaluate these youngest selected players and then determine the various teams to compete in league play. Routinely we have 2-3 Academy age teams for each U9 & U10 depending on the number of players selected to our Academy.

Girls: New for this upcoming season we have Girls “Elite 64 National League” selections. This is our highest level girls team in the U13-U18 age groups and will participate this upcoming season in the new US Soccer Elite 64 National League. More info will follow.

If you were not selected to one of our Team Boca teams please know that several current Team Boca players were not selected on previous try-out attempts. Please continue to practice and develop your skills since you are welcome to come back to tryouts again next year!  Also please note that we may still add players/teams over the summer in selected age groups so you could still be contacted in that event.

For all players who were not selected, please note that it is our club policy that our coaching staff does not discuss their reasons for their decisions/selections with parents or players until a minimum 48 hours after we post our rosters. After that time, you are welcome to contact our staff to discuss their decisions as they relate to you, but please do not contact them until after the 48 hour period. They WILL NOT discuss any player other than yourself (or your child if you are a parent). All of our player selections were determined by a committee of coaches who evaluated specific teams and no one coach was responsible for any team’s selections. All selections were then reviewed and approved by our Girls Director of Coaching, Mario Rincon, and our Boys Director of Coaching, Michael Araujo.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Club Director, Bill D’Addio, at