Return to Play Update:  

Tryouts are now completed. If you have recently moved to our area or missed tryouts you can contact Bill@teamboca.com to request a player evaluation. Players can be evaluated during team training sessions and potentially still be added to a team.

Our 2020 Team Schedules have now been posted. Please see our Team Training page located under the “Schedules” Tab “Team Training”.  Please note that all youth sports parks within Palm Beach County are currently re-opened under a County Order with mandatory restrictions included below that currently remain and must be followed in every park by all participants and spectators until further notice. Return To Play Guidelines

  1. If you are not comfortable with your returning to play, DONT. Players/Parents are the only ones who will make the decision when a player returns to play.
  2. All field areas, including sidelines, are to have a maximum capacity of 50 people, including players and spectators. Therefore, we ask that all parents refrain from standing on the sidelines, walkways, or anywhere by the field area so we can allow the maximum amount of players to participate and meet all necessary requirements. All parents are encouraged to remain in their cars during team training or stand away from the fields with proper min. 6′ social distancing from other parents/spectators. When possible, we are requesting 1 spectator at games per family. We encourage families to remain in their cars or stand away from the fields with proper social distancing from other parents/spectators.
  3. In the event of delays – and especially for lightening alerts – players and families should return to their cars and not congregate within park, pavilions or shelters.
  4. We encourage Touch-less Sportsmanship. No high fives, handshakes, knuckles or group celebrations.
  5. Water fountains will only be accessible for utilizing the bottle filling feature. The standard push button feature will be inoperative. Therefore, all players must bring their own drinks for hydration or a water bottle to utilize the water bottle fill feature. Staff , volunteers, or other families cannot provide any drinks or hydration for players. Do not share water, food, or equipment.
  6. All players should bring and utilize their own soccer ball during team training sessions. Any staff provided balls for demonstration purposes will be sanitized after each session. Please bring hand sanitizer for players with their name on it. Soccer balls, clothing and other personal equipment should be sanitized following use by each family.
  7. All coaches will wear face covering and use proper social distancing. Face coverings are also requested by all players & spectators when walking to and from field areas at both Spanish River Park & the Fields at FAU. Masks/Face Covering is currently required on the campus of FAU when not on the field participating in activity.
  8. All Team Training session times will have a 15-minute time period between sessions to allow for players and parents to arrive and leave without overlap or gathering. Please do not remain after team training or games so that we do not have more than 50 people gathered at one time in any field area.
  9. All players who do not feel well should not attend team training or games. If a player has tested positive for COVID they must follow all CDC guidelines for quarantine and not return to any training, games, or any field participation until they are cleared by their physician, no less than two weeks from a positive test result. If a player has a family member who has tested positive they should also adhere to the same two week quarantine as outlined in CDC guidelines. CDC Link:

    If you have any questions please contact our Club Director at Bill@teamboca.com